Our History

We are a group of agriculture, architecture and production engineers of high experience in our fields
Our Aim is

  •      To bring the green nature to your indoor & to your outdoor
  •     To bring creativity to your garden
  •      To bring productivity to your roof top


Our Passion is
 to create inspiring life style to enrich your everyday activities, by mixing greenery with different material (marble, metal, glass, granite, wood, stone and plastic)
Our Vision is
    • To be the world class provider in delivering best products in agriculture industry and Green decorations
    • To give the value services to our clients while embracing Quality, Safety, and Environmentally friendly practices
    • To create an environment that is cleaner, greener and environmentally, a safer world for our children to live in.
    • To invent green products that enhance the quality of life around us.

Our Mission
We aim to build a big organization that is far reaching in its network across the Arab world, with commitment to excellence in distribution of products and services while maintaining the highest standard in quality to complement the fostering/development of an environmentally healthy world.

Delivering value-based service solutions to our clients in the areas of Hydroponic, Green Decorations, Landscaping and Gardening by our highly trained professionals.
Always stick to the best practices and transparent operations for the sustainable long-term benefit of all clients.