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Our Garden 1.0

 If you are a student of the Faculty of Agriculture, the remains of the Eiffen do not matter to you

If you are interested in agriculture, it is important that your specialization remains the same,
We have gathered the largest fields in modern agriculture and our work is the largest scientific symposium under the organization and sponsorship of (Soilles Garden)
The symposium brings together all of the following:
1 - Implementation of the thought of hydroponics (Hydroponic - Sand Bunik)
2 - Implementation of the thought of aquaculture (Aquaponics)
3 - Implementation of the thought of Landscape and irrigation foundations
4 - Knowledge of the market in terms of products and feasibility studies
5 - Ways of thinking, design and implementation yourself
Every field is important to talk about its importance in the economy and agriculture and how to make presentations to the attendees
In the rest of the break, there are consultants
The symposium is organized and sponsored by Soilless Garden
One of the largest companies has joined the agricultural field recently and decided to make a new need for a training season for students, graduates and lovers of modern agriculture
The seminar will be held on: 5 - 7 - 2019
Ticket for the seminar:
75 pounds for the student requirement to bring the cardinal college
LE 150 for graduates and lovers of agricultural field
The seminar will be held from 10 am until 4 pm
1- Discounts on participating in our summer training
2 - Obtaining employment at Soilless Garden
3 - Access to field visits to the largest food production plants and also the best farms of modern agriculture at reduced prices
Features for graduates and those interested in modern and domestic agriculture:
1 - 20% discounts on our courses in the summer season 2019
2 - The rest is a surprise when you attend the symposium;)
Booking by filling out the form and we will contact you
Or call our numbers:
01200664684 - 01017796096